Structural Integrity and Commissioning

Structural integrity is the ability of an entire structure or the elements in it to perform what they’re designed to do and will continue during the expected life of the structure. (e.g In ASCE7 structural integrity is described as a continuous load path and a complete lateral load resisting system to resist the forces indicated). Structural Commissioning is the process of verifying that a structure performs with a level of structural integrity consistent with the design philosophy. Since buildings degrade and are often not built as designed, then a physical measure of the performance of the structure is the best way to help verify Structural Integrity. A Dynamic Signature Assessment is a one-day measurement of the response of a structure that will memorialize a structure’s performance characteristics, quantify its structural risk profile, and can be used to identify weaknesses or problems. It verifies the level of capacity of the structure compared to building code performance metrics. This provides an accurate and objective understanding of the structural integrity of a building. It’s used to help prioritize budgets, validate construction work and assess damage after a wind or seismic event. This method adds a level of confidence in the decision making process that the traditional methods of analysis cannot match.

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STRAAMTM is an acronym for Structural Risk Assessment and Management. Our name explains STRAAM Groups Mission. We have built one of the most advanced platforms available for providing technology to easily measure and analyze the performance of structures. This platform, combined with traditional and advanced inspection and analytical techniques, offers the most detailed structural analysis available. We serve the engineering, construction, real estate, insurance, energy and building commissioning sectors. Learn More

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