We provide the basis for thoughtful and accurate solutions. Our technology was based upon the vision of offering a method to rapidly measure how structures perform and turning this measurement into useful information. Years of research have been conducted to develop and prove various techniques for analyzing structures based on structural dynamics. Many of these techniques are commonplace is mechanical engineering, aerospace engineering and civil engineering (for large structures) and are dictated through the principles of physics and fracture mechanics. However, taking measurements on most civil structures was traditionally difficult to achieve, expensive and few understood how to extract useable information from the measurements.

STRAAM Group’s unique skill set has allowed us to develop a platform which yields unparalleled useable information in the most efficient way possible. It is based on the premise that all structures are “systems” and they are moving all of the time. Additionally if we can accurately capture their movements, and know where to measure, we can accurately define how each system performs.

We have put together a complete and rapid method for measuring and identifying the system properties to yield the detailed characteristics of structures. A measure of a structure’s performance is called the Dynamic Signature and represents the structure’s ‘as is’ condition. This signature is analogous to an ‘EKG’ for a structure. The most effective way to measure is to capture the movements of the structure. This can be accomplished by using very expensive mechanical shakers/vibrators or by allowing natural excitation (such as by wind) that is monitored continuously so that the response can be processed into its unique Dynamic Signature. To that end, our technology is designed to be flexible to integrate our advanced services and proprietary elements with ‘off the shelf’ equipment and standard techniques to provide the best solution for each project and customer. Our advanced technology integrates highly precise equipment, cloud based data collection and processing, advanced algorithms and expertise in structural dynamics for a rapid and accurate measure of a structures performance. We have unique expertise in Structural Dynamics which was instrumental in developing this platform. STRAAM Group offers standard as well as advanced service used to assess structures and track changes or damage in order to meet the needs of our customers.

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