Smart Bridge Platform

Measure the Performance. Understand the Risk. Avoid Problems!

The goal of the STRAAM Central – Smart Bridge Platform is to bring the best and most advanced technology to bridge owners and their Emergency Management Teams so they can be proactive to mitigate risk, prioritize repairs and avoid failures. Recent advancements in technology involved with the IoT provides a quantum leap for bridge management systems. With an easy to employ platform, bridge owners will understand the risks in existing bridges, reduce those risks and ultimately improve safety and resilience.

Measuring the performance of bridges is integral to managing our aging infrastructure. Doing so will improve the overall safety of the transportation network well into the future.

Applying STRAAM’s patented technology is simple. For each bridge:

  • Structural Performance information can be captured in hours during traditional bi-annual inspections to memorialize the bridge’s performance through a Baseline Dynamic Signature.
  • Baseline Dynamic Signature can be used to identify weaknesses and anomalies. This signature represents the baseline condition used for comparison over the remaining life of the structure.
  • Over time, small changes in capacity can be identified, providing objective feedback regarding the changing risk profile of each structure. Data can be used in advanced analysis and design.
  • The STRAAM Central platform can integrate all bridges and compare their condition over time.
  • On critical or weak structures, continuous monitoring of the Dynamic Signature will identify changes in real time.
  • This provides objective and immediate feedback to operations! It helps prioritize problems and understand damage due to scour, impacts, degradation and other damage causing events.

Using advanced technology brings Value to Bridge Owners:

  • Understanding the objective risk profile of each bridge for the life of the structure. It’s a mechanism to improve safety and save money. Complements subjective visual inspections.
  • Over time or after an event, the real-time performance information quantifies damage. This is used to prioritize repairs and for Emergency Operations based on clear and actionable information.
  • Avoid failures proactively by establishing a record of structural performance for critical structures. Incremental damage from aging may cause failure. This technology allows all parties to know this incremental damage and mitigate problems early.

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