Structural Monitoring

Vibration Monitoring

Measuring vibration intensity is often the first line of defense to protect structures during construction.  But to assure the structure is best protected, an understanding of the types of vibrations, frequency, and how the structure responds is essential as well.  The parameter of peak particle velocity (PPV) is the general parameter measured in standard vibration monitoring.   Very few firms can decipher the most damaging low frequency information.  We provide vibration monitoring to meet the needs of the client as well as insight into advanced structural dynamics which are essential to assure structures are protected.

Strain Monitoring

Measuring strain can give insight into the location and level of stresses in members.  Measuring strain can be done with small rosettes for localized strain or over a longer distance for averaged strains.  Also, strain can be measured dynamically or statically, depending on the loading.   We use the appropriate strain techniques to achieve the project goals.   We also corroborate the strain readings with that of the dynamic properties of acceleration, frequency, dynamic tilt as well as thermal changes to assure measurements are placed in context with the loading condition.


STRAAM Group offers a visual inspection service. This service involves the use of a detailed inspection and report on the state of a structure. A visual inspection is a useful addendum to a baseline study of a structure, or it can be used as a stand-alone inspection. Such a stand-alone inspection will be used to report on structural cracking, cosmetic damage, and the overall state of a structure, including commenting about ageing. Such an inspection is necessarily limited to areas of the structure that can be viewed. Our experts are well versed in structural appraisal and have experience of visual observations that have been backed by full dynamic testing of many types of structure. Structural types that can be visually inspected include, but are not limited to tall buildings, domestic buildings, chimneys, cooling towers and dams.

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