STRAAM Central Cloud

The digitized data measured by STRAAM are placed into a secure repository in the cloud. This means that data can be viewed and retrieved from anywhere in the world at a moment’s notice. Analysis is performed on the data, and since the analysis emphasizes the resonances of a structure (everything resonates – it’s a physical requirement), even very small motion is also representative of the behavior of the structure at large amplitudes of response. While this principle doesn’t extend into the ultra-high amplitude range (such as would be caused by large earthquakes), it is representative of how the structure behaves in the elastic range (which is the basis of the majority of design). Analyses performed on the data in the cloud, also give information about localized responses in the structure caused by imperfections (such as cracking). Because this information comes from an analysis of whole-body motion it means that even when imperfections cannot be observed, their presence is signaled through the signature retrieved from the motion of the structure.

Various thresholds can be generated from the analyzed data and used as an early warning for potential damage. The alarms can be set to be triggered from overall vibration intensity levels, from tilt figures, from stress measurements, or from an analysis of the non-linear damping characteristics of a mode of vibration that is significant as well as the more basic monitoring such as PPV, strain and displacement. In all cases an email alert is sent to identified recipients with an advice about the conditions that created the alarm to be raised.

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