Damping Measurement

Damping is a parameter that describes the energy dissipation of a structure in a mode of vibration. The establishing of the parameter is vital to the assessment of the structure when it is responding to the actions of strong forces.

However, there are several different methods for measuring damping, and since it is a non-linear parameter and most methods use averaging techniques of one form or another, then most estimates have been inaccurate for some time.

A new technique for measuring non-linear damping of civil structures was introduced in the 1980’s. STRAAM Group has refined this technique (The Random Decrement) to avoid a particular mathematical singularity, and to provide a full non-linear assessment. The technique is then coupled with fracture mechanics theory to provide a very powerful indicator of the types of abnormalities (causing energy dissipation) that occur in the structure being investigated.

STRAAM Group is pre-eminent in the use of this technology.

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