Code Compliance

Codes of practice in different countries and even in different regions carry differences. These differences are normally conditioned by recent history in a particular region. This may be a result of recent earthquakes, strong winds, high tides or simply by a fashion amongst the group writing the code of practice.

STRAAM Group has experience of working with the requirements of codes in various parts of the world. The very latest style of code allows a designer to choose risk associated with operating a structure. It is said that it is possible to reduce risk by as much as you are prepared to pay.

Codes of practice generally specify conditions in which a structure will become unserviceable, will be severely damaged, or will become unfit for continued occupancy. There are sometimes rules (such as in New Zealand), or rules of thumb which are generally defensible in courts.

Codes of practice are in a state of continual development, and should be regarded as a ‘safety net’ for the operation of a structure when the designer does not have sufficient knowledge (or finance) to be able to choose a comfortable risk profile. STRAAM Group is adept at assessing strucures in this context.

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