Baseline Assessment

What is a Dynamic Baseline?

STRAAM Group has a very advanced and quick process of measuring a structures dynamic response.  This ‘Dynamic Baseline’ is a measurement, at a point in time, of the behavior of the structure being investigated and memorializes the how that structure performs.

What structures should have a Dynamic Baseline?

Buildings or structures under construction or adjacent to construction should have a baseline prior to work. Also, any structure which could be damaged is a candidate.

What information does a Dynamic Baseline provide?

​The Dynamic Baseline is to a structure, what an EKG is to the heart. We rapidly measure the structures frequencies of resonance, displacements, damping and mode shapes. This information allows us to define the structures unique performance at that time. If damage occurs, its performance will change which shows up in future measurements and the damage can be quantified.

Can a ‘baseline’ be used on very large structures?

Yes! All buildings, dams bridges are candidates. This is where the technique started. We have an exclusive database with hundreds of structures to compare the measurements to. This comparison can show what is normal and whether your structure significantly differs from the norms.

Why do I need a Dynamic Baseline?

  • A Dynamic baseline is a powerful tool to show the state of a structure. It can be used for any of the following:
  • To protect all parties prior to construction. It provides indisputable and objective information about the condition of a structure
  • Identify weaknesses and anomalies of a structure, as well as its geotechnical response.
  • To assess compliance with codes
  • To form a reference against which to compare in the future measurements to
  • To establish what caused a change in the structure’s health at a later date
  • To assess the most economically efficient approaches to repairing damage or long term maintenance
  • To act as a base for negotiations to determine the extent of damage
  • After an ‘event’ you can quickly assess the damage and a strategy for dealing with it

Can measurements be continuous?

Yes! We have a fully functioning web portal where we can stream the dynamic response information for continuous real-time monitoring

Can I get more details?

Yes. We have examples of Baseline reports here, and more detailed technical information here. For specific information about doing a Baseline for your building send us an e-mail at

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