Insurers hold the financial risk of nearly all property.  Yet, basic visual inspects fall well short of uncovering the actual structural risk inherent in each property.   STRAAM’s advanced technology provides the measured dynamic response which is used for a structure specific risk profile.  This higher level of inspection allows insurers to better quantify their risk and update the risk profile for each renewal period. Insurance services include:

  • Property Inspection
  • Review of past inspection information and plans
  • Dynamic measurements of the structure
  • Analysis of structures unique dynamic signature
  • Structural Risk profile
  • Claim services
  • Predictive modeling using structure specific risk profile

Understand the Risk of a Structure

During an earthquake or wind event, why does one building sustain damage, while another adjacent structure does not?   By using STRAAM technology, insurers can provide an objective measure of how a building performs which is the basis of the structure’s specific risk profile.   The analysis can identify weaknesses which make the structure vulnerable to the next significant catastrophic event.   

START with Good information – Once a building has a STRAAM dynamic baseline, if damage occurs it can be quantified. 

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