Adjacent Properties

There are many ways in which new construction affects adjacent properties. The construction process involves site preparation, ground clearance, and the construction of the new structure. Additionally there may be subterranean work such as building tunnels or access to underground facilities. There is the potential in all cases for adjacent structures to be affected. Under such conditions STRAAM offers a comprehensive service that can be used by either the developer or the owner of an adjacent property. A baseline signature is obtained from the adjacent property and the characteristics are then monitored either intermittently or continuously. Any changes in the signature can be analyzed to look at the cause, effect and magnitude of the changes. Under these circumstances the quality of the information available can be used to avoid disputes, or to come to a quick agreement that saves time and cost. Either party may find this service useful as the potential savings in dispute resolution is large.

In the case of an existing structure, that is in a less than ideal condition that is affected by nearby work, it is possible that conventional methods of monitoring (such as measuring tilt) do not resolve the question of risk and stability. We have an excellent record in identifying the risk to an affected structure because of a concentration on the whole body response of the structure, rather than a single parameter that is not directly correlated with stability. Under these circumstances the use of STRAAM’s technology can avoid costly delays in the work. STRAAM’s personnel can also be used in a dispute resolution process should that be required.

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