Truss, Lift and Suspension Bridge

Project Types:

STRAAM was contracted to identify the actual, in- service dynamic characteristics of the three types of bridges, a truss, lift and suspension bridges. The dynamic characteristics of the bridges include the natural frequencies of vibration, and their associated mode shapes as well as the non-linear damping characteristics.

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  • Weidlinger Associates & T.Y. Lin International, Joint Venture

Services Provided

STRAAM Group has developed the SKG (Structurocardiograph) which is a self- contained, modular, ruggedized precision data acquisition system. These are very low noise recording devices that provide an on- site preliminary analysis facility. Connected to the SKG are ultra-low noise accelerometers, these devices are tri-axial and have been developed over a long period and we initially developed for military purposes.

Value Added

With the baseline dynamic signature of each bridge, Weidlinger Associates & T.Y. Lin International are able to calibrate the finite element models to better reflect the actual characteristics and behavior of the structures.

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