Fulton Center

The Corbin Building, at the corner of Broadway and John Street, is an iconic element of the Transit Center Complex. The brick, stone and terra cotta building was designed in 1888 by architect Francis Hatch Kimball for Long Island Rail Road chief Austin Corbin and originally housed a bank and offices.

STRAAM was contracted to perform a Baseline Dynamic Assessment of the structure, build and calibrate a Finite Element Model and provide continuous monitoring. Buildings of this age rarely have accurate structural drawings which makes creating an accurate FE Model extremely difficult. However, because our methods capture the structure’s unique dynamic signature, we are able to calibrate the model to reflect its current condition.

STRAAM’s continuous dynamic monitoring system provided invaluable information on several occasions
when the thresholds

set using the industry standard methods were exceeded. Our measurements showed the condition of the structure remained stable thus allowing work to continue. The MTA saved a significant amount of time and money through use of STRAAM Technology.