About Us

STRAAM TM is an acronym for Structural Risk Assessment and Management. Our name explains STRAAM Groups Mission. We have built one of the most advanced platforms available for providing technology to easily measure and analyze the performance of structures. This platform, combined with traditional and advanced inspection and analytical techniques, offers the most detailed structural analysis available. We serve the engineering, construction, real estate, insurance, energy and building commissioning sectors.

STRAAM Group is truly unique. We inspect and use technology to rapidly quantify the performance of buildings, bridges, dams, marine structures, energy facilities and other large monolithic structures. We process the structures measured response into information used to identify the behavior associated with weaknesses, anomalies and damage. This is used to quantify the risk profile of the structure. We then provide periodic assessments or continuous monitoring to track changes to the structure over time. Our advanced services provide those who are responsible for structures to have the most detailed condition assessment available and understand the risks associated with its operation or modification into the future.

Mission Statement

To provide the owners and managers of the built world (our customers) with information regarding the performance and risks associated with structures, to help them make the most informed decision regarding safety, accepting risk and the use of funds.


Short term – To expand our business in the sectors we serve, both by providing services directly to customers and through building a network of regional partners. 

Long term – To have STRAAM be a verb; So that every owner, insurer and engineer will know that the responsible course of action is to ‘STRAAM’ their structure to accurately and objectively quantify its performance. 

Our Foundation

STRAAM  Group was founded to make available innovative technologies and methodologies that have been developed over 40 years of research and development.  The company provides structural performance services including assessments and monitoring to asset owners and their engineering consultancies, operators, insurance companies and legal firms worldwide.

Major Clientele

  • Weidlinger Associates
  • US Army Corps of Engineers
  • Metro Transit Authority (MTA)
  • Walsh Construction
  • Turner Construction

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